content marketing develops a culture around your business

Shape a Culture and Experience Around Your Business – The Power of Content Marketing

Develop a culture and experience around your business and you’ll create a community. Content marketing can help you do it!

When it comes to your approach to social media and the other communications deployed to build a brand for your small business, you should understand the significance of content and its impact on developing and shaping the culture around your business.

Have you ever thought about your business in terms of culture?  Have you thought about the experience you’re providing to prospective clientele when they encounter or engage with your business?

These terms, when it comes to building a business are not typically given much consideration.  Marketing tends towards active advertising, promotion and selling rather than building an experience.

How do you feel when you’re being sold to?

We eagerly develop pitches and work to employ recommended techniques all geared to the end-game of generating leads, and ideally, sales; but how have we engaged our mission, values and personality to ensure that our communications represent the full picture of our business and ourselves, as entrepreneurs? Connect rather than simply sell.

Content addresses the culture of your business… and builds trust

Content marketing contributes to the UX, or User Experience of your brand, communications, social media, and other public, online presentations of your business. We often hear it referenced when we talk about the performance of websites and apps,  but rarely do we explore the concept when it comes to the promotion of products and/or services – the business, itself. It’s that oversight we want to correct.

Developing and shaping the culture, the experience, digitally – providing for the UX – is essential for growing a brand and business that looks to build trust as well as a sense of authority in the space.  Where, because of the type and quality of information you consistently provide, prospective clients feel compelled to engage with your business.

Look at your digital presence.  Explore your website and other communications, as well as digital assets, and see what they’re providing in UX. Try to evaluate the experience visitors might be having with your brand and whether or not there’s a culture developing that they might connect to.

What are you offering your audience before you try to sell them?

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