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5 Proven Ideas for Effective – and Fun! – Fundraisers

Organizations are always looking for fun, new ideas for their fundraisers. Here are 10 possibilities to inject some fun into your next campaign.

It’s important to shake things up throughout your various fundraisers, for your volunteers and your donors. But, you also want to know before you embark on any fundraising effort – taking up the valuable time and resources of so many volunteers and families – that the method you choose will produce results.

Chances are though if you know your target audience for the campaign, and you make it fun for everyone, the time and effort of planning and deploying a fresh, new fundraiser should be as successful as you’d hoped. Here are a few ideas to add a little zing the next time you’re organizing to raise money:

Community Yard Sale

A great springtime event, this helps get the community motivated for spring cleaning while also providing a fun neighbourhood event to help raise funds for your organization. Most everyone has a closet or garage full of things that they need to get rid of, so encourage your friends and neighbours to bust out their old lawn mowers, clothes, and furniture and donate for a good cause.

Things to think about: you’ll need space – an empty parking lot or streets with little to no traffic on the day of the event. Will you have booth space for sellers to reserve or will it be a bit of a free-for-all shopping experience with a check-out strategically placed at the exit? Will you offer opportunities for selling food and beverages; will they be professional vendors or will you incorporate home-made baking and cooking into your fundraising? How you design your yard sale will determine how many hands you’ll need to organize, implement, and manage.

How to make money: sales of donated items.

Organize a Concert

A concert event can be as big and involved – or not! – as you want it to be.

If you think only big charities can host a benefit concert, think again. Nonprofits of any size can run one of these fundraisers. Choose a performer, or performers, that you know will appeal to your target audience and get planning.

Things to think about: This idea requires significant lead time – months if you can. You can inquire into local or regional bands and performers happy to perform. You might even be able to get them to consider donating their talents in-kind but talk to them about the options. After the band(s), securing a venue is one of the bigger components to the project, along with security, insurance, and any other logistics. It’s all about marketing so be sure you’ve got email, social media, and website covered!

How to make money: concert ticket sales.

Dunk Tank Fundraisers!

A fabulous warm weather activity that is HUGELY popular!

Dunk tanks are a great fundraiser for churches, schools, and other organizations. It’s really effective when combined with a company BBQ or another outdoor event. All you need is an unfortunate volunteer or two (ideally, the school principal or your boss!) to sacrifice themselves for the good of your cause.

Things to think about: You can rent a dunk tank from most party rental stores. Plan to pay about $200 for a half-day rental.

How to make money: Charge by the number of throws and, depending on the dunking victim, watch the money roll in!

Host a BINGO

This is a fast and easy activity that’s a ton of fun and a super-effective way to make money with low over head. Offer great prizes to the winners and keep the BINGO card revenue.

An activity for young and old, everyone loves a rousing game of BINGO! Easy to plan and not exactly labour intensive, an afternoon of BINGO can provide great results among your roster of fundraisers.

Things to think about: Contact nonprofits in your community (or the local BINGO hall) to see if anyone has a set of BINGO balls, cards, and markers/tabs you can rent or, ideally, borrow. Most of your time will be spent soliciting local businesses for donations to provide as prizes.

How to make money: Charge per BINGO card or per collection of cards.

Sell Products

Product sales for fundraising

The Girl Guides knew what they were doing! Tried and true, you can really choose from just about anything to sell for this fool-proof fundraising activity. Support regional businesses – products and services – and offer those you find appropriate for sale to your target audience. A great way to support your local business while providing great product or service as a way to easily raise funds for your organization.

If a particular product or service has proven a high seller in the past, stick with a winner. Or, mix it up and support other businesses and products for variety.

Things to think about: You’ll have to choose and vet the service or product(s) you want to sell as well as identify the variables (ie. flavours, sizes, etc.). Enlist children, parents, families, as partners in the project where they take on the sales to their own family and friends.

How you’ll make money: Your service or product vendors will likely charge your organization their wholesale price and you will collect the profit.

Fortunately, with the advent of the Internet and social media, product selling as an effective fundraiser no longer means sending little Jane and Johnny door-to-door.

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