Fundables Educational Fundraising

Educational Fundraising: A Necessary Evil?

For better, or for (not necessarily) worse, educational fundraising helps provide the valuable resources that meet the needs of today's students. Let's take the 'evil' off the table for a minute and just stick with the necessary. Educational…
More efficient fundraising - 2019 is the year non-profits embrace technology

Non-profits, Fundraising & Technology: 2019 is Your Year to Embrace It!

Make 2019 your organization's year to jump into the 21st century... enjoy better efficiency, and raise more money! When it comes to fundraising, non-profits and other organizations are still very much last century when it comes to raising…
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5 Proven Ideas for Effective – and Fun! – Fundraising

Organizations are always looking for fun, new yet still effective fundraising ideas. Here are 10 possibilities to inject some fun into your next campaign. It's important to shake things up from fundraising campaign to fundraising campaign,…
Fundables Fundraising app Your fundraising game plan

Fundraising for Youth Sports? Here's Your Game Plan!

Fundraising can be hard work! What works best when fundraising for your youth sports league or organization. With youth sports more costly and time-consuming than ever, there are no shortages of fundraising activities going on throughout…
National Volunteer Week April 7-13 2019

National Volunteer Week April 7-13, 2019

We celebrate the legions of volunteers – the people who touch our lives and communities every day – making wonderful things (big and small) happen that benefit us all. National Volunteer Week is an annual celebration observed in…
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Have Product, Will Sell. Still a Popular Means of Fundraising

Indirect financial support – purchasing product – is a fool-proof, effective, and popular means for fundraising. Just ask the Girl Guides! Despite the rise of crowdfunding platforms and apps designed to accept donations with a single…