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Fundraising at Your Fingertips!

Raise the money your organization needs – faster and easier than ever before!

A robust and user-friendly web and mobile platform,
Fundables helps manage your next fundraising campaign from launch to donations, sales, and payments right through to reporting.

Create a New Campaign

Created for ease and simplicity!

Identify and set up your product(s). Invite team members to help promote and make sales. Set your fundraising goal.

Easily share your campaign with friends, family, and others quickly and easily. Track the progress of individual participants as well as the entire team.

What We Do

Fundables is all about making a positive social impact, connection, and community!

We want to simplify fundraising for volunteers, non-profits, and organizations – your lives are busy enough!

Did you know that North Americans spend almost $3 billion per year on indirect financial support – purchasing products sold by charities and volunteer organizations – for fundraising? Eight out of ten of us support these efforts.

To help make your next fundraising effort more profitable and easy to manage, Fundables offers a fundraising management software and mobile application tool that will keep your next campaign organized from launch through to reporting.

Create a Campaign

Easily start your next fundraising effort: set up products to sell, identify your team, set your fundraising goals. Robust and user-friendly,
customize every detail
of your fundraiser.

Set-up Your Team

With no ‘I’ in ‘Team’, you’ll need to identify and invite the members who will help you meet your goals. Each member gets their own e-commerce page and dashboard to track their sales.

Identify Your Fundraiser

Choose Direct Donate, Product Sales or both!

Set-up the product(s) your team will be selling including the necessary product variables, details, descriptions, and more – your fundraising campaign’s e-commerce.

Share & Track Progress!

Share your campaign via email and all manner of social media to get the word out! Keep track of team progress as well as that of individual team members. Receive full reporting upon campaign’s end.

Get Fundables!

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Our Story

Founder & CEO, Fundables

Tracy Connery

We are a team committed to providing innovative solutions that will have a positive social impact on our communities.

We are particularly sensitive to the needs of busy parents and other volunteers working so hard to raise money for the meaningful projects they love and, in many cases, need!

Life is crazy! As an over-extended parent – like so many of you!  – I understand not only the demands of fundraising on an already full calendar but how important fundraising has become to the organizations we’re involved with.

School groups, Parent Advisory Councils, youth sport, and so many others are in greater and greater need of vital funds to support the activities, programs, and resources we all depend on for our kids, our families, and ourselves.

Our Fundables team works hard to provide the easiest, most reliable, and user-friendly way to help organizations raise the money they need… fast.

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